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Tips For Planning A Surprise Party

Surprise parties are great and there’s nothing quite like the look of dumbfounded amazement on the guest of honour’s face when she is caught unawares! However, the very nature of surprise parties means extra careful planning is needed if the surprise is to be real.

Pulling off a surprise party isn’t easy, by any means – but when it works, it’s worth the effort. Here are some tips to help you if you’re thinking of throwing a surprise party for a friend or family member.

Be strict

When you send out the invites, make it very clear that it is a surprise party and state who is the guest of honour. Also explain what the plan is, what time people need to arrive and when the special person is due to arrive – that way, everyone should be in place on time.

Be specific

For the RSVPs, it’s best to give an email address only, as emails are less likely to be seen compared to posted replies. This is vital if you live with the guest of honour in the same house.

Be silent

When it comes to discussing the upcoming surprise party, there’s only one rule – don’t discuss the party. As a guide, it’s best not to talk about the party with many people – at all – and tell each invitee not to mention it, not even to other guests.

Be in cahoots with someone

Planning such a party all by yourself is virtually impossible, both in terms of logistics and for your own sanity. You’ll undoubtedly need to chat with someone else about it all, but you’re also need help when it comes to storing items for the party, especially if you live at the same address as the guest of honour. Choose someone who lives elsewhere so you can keep the invites, party bags, and more at their house. Also, you’ll need to work out a strategy for the day of the party with your partner in crime – the main element being how to ensure the person to be surprised turns up at the right venue at the right time. In all likelihood, you’ll need your friend to stay with the guest of honour in the hours before the party to make sure she doesn’t go off elsewhere.

Be prepared

Considering all the effort involved, you must make sure you have the camera at the ready, to capture that priceless moment when the guest of honour walks into her surprise party.

Be ready with a fake party

To help you manage the fact you can’t talk about the surprise party, you could plan a fake party. That way, you can discuss things without arousing the suspicions of the intended guest of honour.

Be practical

Think through exactly how the party will work when you decide on such matters as the theme and dress code. Choose a style that won’t clash with the guest of honour – bear in mind what the individual will likely be wearing when she arrives and ensure the guests adorn a similar look.

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