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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Healthy And Fit

Tips For Keeping Your Kids Healthy And Fit

Did you know that according to the latest research 16 percent of American children are obese, and 32 percent are overweight? While these might seem like acceptable numbers they really are not. Now, that summer is ending and school is starting back up your kids will probably not be as active, because they won’t be outside playing, which brings on bad habits that can encourage obesity. Parents really need to be aware of the fact that obesity affects more than just the aesthetics of a child.

In-depth studies show that obesity in children not only affects a person’s weight later on in their life, but it also affects their overall health. Obesity can lead to diabetes and heart failure later down the road. However, there are things that you as a parent can do to ensure that your child stays healthy and fit.

Healthy Nutrition Starts In The Kitchen

In today’s economy, it can be safe to assume that in most households there will be two working parents, which leaves little time to sit down and have dinner together. Eating dinner together really allows parents to monitor what the kids eat and increase their fruit, vegetable, and fiber intake. However, if you are not around to monitor what your kids are eating after school and at dinner experts say that you can still make sure that your kids are eating healthy. You can do this by properly stocking the kitchen with lettuce, carrots, cold cuts, whole-grain bread, and other healthy food items.

Teach Kids To Adapt To Healthier Eating

Just because you want your kids to eat healthy doesn’t mean that you have to feed them salads and baked chicken every night. Just about every kids out there loves pizza, tacos, and pasta, and it will be impossible to keep them away from it. Instead, you can teach your kids to eat these meals in a healthier way. When making the meals use olive oil instead of butter, and reduce the amount of cheese and sour cream that you throw into the ingredients. You can also sneak in veggies from time to time and use healthier sauces. Encourage your children to eat delicious foods by using music and the Old MacDonald Had A Farm Song.

Sneak In Exercise And Assign Chores

When it comes to dealing with smaller kids, you can easily trick them into exercising. All you have to do is pretend that you are playing a game like a freeze tag, jump rope, or make believe obstacle courses. However, when it comes to older children it can be harder to trick them into exercising. Fortunately, when a child grows older he or she should be responsible enough to take a few chores like making the beds, vacuuming the floors, or even cutting the grass. All of these activities can be counted as exercise. When looking for songs for kids Mum Mum TV offers a wealth of options. Be sure to play these songs to get your kids up and moving!

Seek Extra Help

A lot of schools are cutting gym class and sports due to funding problems. If your child’s school doesn’t offer sports related activities you can always enroll your child in a local gym or boxing class that they can attend school.

Reduce Screen Time

Your children should spend less time playing on the computer, watching TV or using mobile devices and they should be more physically active. As a parent, you should serve as a role model, which means that you might have to reduce your viewing time as well.

Recent studies have shown that screen time and obesity are connected. They reveal that children should spend no more than two hours watching TV, surfing the net or playing video games.

Moreover, they believe that eating in front of the TV is a huge problem. Teach your children to eat only at the dinner table, limiting their access to the TV during meals.

Making a significant lifestyle change could bring a lot of stress into the child’s life. That’s why, as a parent, you should encourage him to develop new healthy hobbies. This could lead to increased confidence, reduced weight, and reduced stress levels.

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