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Tips Before Choosing a Web Host Provider

After you decide what domain name for your website, your next step is to find a web hosting company. The web hosting is a service that provides space in the server that is accessible via World Wide Web.

The web host provider render a service to the people that are planning to make their own website. And because there are lots of web hosting companies in the Philippines, it is now difficult to decide which of those are the best.

I made a mnemonic, “C-H-E-C-K”, that might as well help you what to do before deciding to choose a web host provider. The C-H-E-C-K stands for:

Company’s Reputation and Status. Before dealing with the web hosting company you chose, try to check first the reputations, status and service. By looking for their customer’s feedback, you will definitely know how good their service are. Their reputation is also considered.

Hands-on in maintaining your website. Although web hosting is renting a space in the internet, you still need someone to maintain and manage your site. There still some problems that might occur in your website so better have someone to maintain it’s availability.

Ensure the safety of your site. Because there are lots of internet user, your website is prone for some disconnections, spam or illegal messages. It needs an experience people to help you avoid those things.

Credibility or the web host provider. It’s very important that the company you choose is trustworthy. Remember, you and your web host provider will help each other to make your website good for your customers. And so, the expertise in their service will also be considered.

Keeping your website 24/7 available. One reason why people make an online business is for their customers. They want to be available and accessible for their customers around the world. Your customers can visits your website and purchase products at anytime. Make sure that the web host provider you choose can render 24/7 availability and maintenance.

With this mnemonics C-H-E-C-K, you might have an idea about the things to know in website hosting. This are just a simple tips, and I hope it might help you a lot.

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