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Tiding Over Rough Times with Accounts Receivable Financing

Many a time, it is seen that small or medium business owners find it hard to manage different functions at the same time. They have to deal with regular or even daily needs of funds for various things like paying employees, daily wages, organizational maintenance, transportation and so on. Transport businesses, construction businesses and sometimes even big organizations are faced with this problem of funds when it comes to smooth functioning of their business.

Situations for small businesses, like new trucking companies, become even more difficult as they have to meet recurring expenses like fuel, maintenance, tires etc. They cannot postpone such payments to a later date, just because their customers have engaged their services on a credit period of 30-60 days. Organizations find it very difficult to manage their finances this way. They often find themselves trying to arrange funds rather than concentrate on activities like staffing, routine checks of vehicles, marketing, contacting and dealing with new customers and so on. As funds are unavailable at the time when they need it most, they may miss out on new contracts. Thus the growth that they hope for may be stunted.

The issue that arises with banks, for finance, is that it takes some time to process loans. If it happens to be for new or small businesses, banks are not ready to provide finance for various reasons like their credit ratings, the number of years in business and so on. There are, however, various options available for financing, other than bank loans.

One very popular financing facility is the accounts receivable financing and factoring. These are very similar to each other, differing only in the way that financing is a loan, while factoring is selling the account receivables to the financing company. Very often these two terms are used interchangeably. Other than this difference, other facilities in the two financing options remain the same. The accounts receivable financing is a blessing in disguise for companies who have this asset in hand. The accounts receivables are either pledged or sold to finance companies.

Finance companies provide finance up to a certain percentage, which may be as much as 90% at times. After the amounts are recovered from the debtors the remaining amount is given to the companies after deduction of some fees. The credit worthiness of customers is the main consideration in case of accounts receivable financing. Thus if the company that needs finance is dealing with credit worthy customers or government organizations they can get a good amount from the finance company. When the factoring option is used, the factoring company takes over the risk of collection of accounts receivables from the customers on the given date. Similarly if the accounts receivable financing option is taken then the company itself has to manage and bring about discipline in the operation of finances and other activities of the organization.

Furthermore the factoring or financing option is equally useful for organizations under bankruptcy protection. With the expert services and guidance of finance companies, organizations can tide over tough times with much more ease than they would otherwise without a loan.

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