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Three Tips For Improving Your Skating Skills

Skating, while it has lost some popularity, is still going on today. Athletes such as Tony Hawk have kept the culture of skating alive and inspired amateurs everywhere to pick up a board and try to kick flip. Practice and dedication are required to get good at anything, but this is especially true with skating. Tricks are complicated to master, and the failure of such tricks can be painful and discouraging. But as with anything worth doing, if you stick with it, you’ll soon be able to perform some more complicated maneuvers.

Here are some basic tips for taking your skating hobby to the next level.

1. Do your homework. 

Doing your research is essential for the success of your skating career. This can manifest itself in many different ways. Whether you scout out locations to practice tricks or watch videos of the pros on the Internet, not going into skating blind will net the most positive results. Attending events – either as a participant or observer – is another great way to expose yourself to the latest tips and tricks to perfecting your skills.

2. Build practice equipment.

When learning a trick, it’s always best to master it in a controlled environment. It can be hard to find the perfect spot to practice your trick, and even when you find it, the location might not be readily accessible or even skate friendly. To overcome this problem, you should learn to build your own practice areas. While this might seem daunting at first, it isn’t terribly hard to grab some two-by-fours and create staging areas for your tricks. Ramps, grinding rails and steps can all be made with a little research and hard work. Having your own practice equipment will not only provide a consistent setup for you to use, but you will also always have access to it.

3. Record yourself.

Just like professional athletes do, watching film of yourself is a great way to improve your mechanics. With solid mechanics, you’re more likely to nail that trick you’ve been working on forever. Don’t go out and get a fancy video camera – smartphones work great for recording video in bite-sized chunks. iPhone video technology has come a long way, and the newer models even shoot in HD. The app store is also your best friend here. Apps such as Givit and others allow you to easily watch, edit and share your footage with your friends for critique.

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