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Three Pest Control Gadgets Worth Having At Home

Pests are very common. You’ll see them just about anywhere, even in very clean and organized homes. You have ants, spiders, bees, flies, and even dust mites. If the house is pretty dirty and unkempt, you have ticks and fleas from pests, rodents, pestiferous moths, mosquitoes. The dirtier the house and garden are, the more varied the pests that live and breed there.

Controlling or completely eradicating the population of harmful pests in your home is very important. It decreases the health risks associated with these pests, and it makes the home healthier and safer for the occupants.

If you have pests at home, you could first try organic ways of controlling them. This includes using homemade pest control sprays such as essential oil mixed with water or placing traps in their favorite places. If these can’t control their population, you can also try electronic pest control gadgets. They’re less intrusive since they can repel pests, and they’re also environmentally-safe.

Below are three pest control gadgets worth having at home.

Insect Zapper

Your garden should be a relaxing spot, but your peace and relaxation could easily be hampered by flies and mosquitoes buzzing around and biting you. Not only can they disrupt your quiet time, but these pests also carry health risks. Take mosquitoes for example. They’re known carriers of pathogenic organisms such as viruses. If you get bitten by an infected mosquito, the virus could easily be transmitted to you and cause illnesses.

One way of getting rid of mosquitoes is using insect zappers. These devices make use of ultraviolet light that attracts insects. If they touch the coil, they’ll get electrocuted and explode. There are tons of insect zappers to choose from. You can hang them from the ceiling or simply place them on top of the table or on the ground.

Spider Catcher

Spiders are icky creatures. It could make even a grown woman scream in fright. But aside from the capacity to scare the living daylights out of someone, spiders can also be pretty harmful. Take for example the poisonous spiders such as the hobo spider, the brown recluse spider, and the black widow spider. Not only do they bite, but their bite could cause wound infection that can spread through the whole body.

One gadget perfect for spiders is the spider catcher. You don’t have to squish them with your shoes or handle them with a broom, but you only have to pick them up using the spider catcher. You only have to push the button and the bristles on its tip will open. Place it over the spider and it will enfold the spider in between the bristles.

Solar Rodent Repeller

Rodents are also carriers of pathogenic organisms such as rabies and salmonella. They are also carriers of harmful bacteria.

To get rid of rodents, you can purchase a solar rodent repeller. This device gives off sonic energy pulses that irritate rodents. Once it’s switched one, rodents will look for another quieter hiding place, leaving a certain perimeter of your home rodent-free.

If these devices can’t totally get rid of the pests in your home, then it’s time to get in touch with your local pest control company. One of the best is Sydney Pest Control.

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