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There is an awesome alternative To iTunes: MediaMonkey 3.0.6

When you link iPhone or iPod touch to your personal computer, accounts are automatically synced fitting to your preferences set in ITunes. You can, for instance, enter telephone numbers and addresses of buddies and family members on your personal computer, link iPhone or iPod touch to sync, then disconnect iPhone or iPod touch and tap a friend’s name on the touch screen to call.

There is an awesome alternative To iTunes To Synch Your Computer To Your iPhone 3: MediaMonkey 3.0.6. RELEASED BY Ventis Media. This is a great tool to copy iPhone.

iTunes is a great piece of software, but it is designed for the average user with simpler needs.
Russell Samuels, VP Marketing at Ventis Media

You can sync:

    Contacts—names, mobile phone numbers, places, electronic mail addresses, and so on
    Calendars— appointments and occurrences
    Network bookmarks
    Music and audio books
    Motion pictures and TV shows

You only have to arrange which items are synced in iTunes on your pc once. After that, just unite iPhone or iPod touch to start a sync.

Contacts, calendars, and bookmarks are synced from (or to) your personal computer, so if you add, change, or erase them on iPhone or iPod touch, they are altered on your computer, and vice versa. You can also sync contacts with your Yahoo! or Google Address Book.

Email account settings (on iPhone only), rythimical sound, films, TV shows, podcasts, and pictures are synced one-way, from your pc to iPhone (though you can import photos taken with iPhone to your computer).

If you like, you can set iPhone or iPod touch to sync with only a part of what’s on your computer. For example, you might wish to sync only a group of contacts from your address book, or you may like to sync only songs from certain play lists so you don’t fill up iPhone or iPod touch with all your music.

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