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The USA Cash Services Management, Inc.

The USA Cash Services Management, Inc. website is operated by USA Cash Services in South Ogden, Utah. USA Cash Services offers fast, easy and safe online payday loans. This company has been in business since 1995. However, USA Cash Services loans are not available in all states. Customers can contact a customer service representative by calling (877) 309- 2274 to find out where USA Cash Services approve loans. Here is a closer look the services that USA Cash Services provides.

Pros: USA Cash Services

There are pros that you should know about USA Cash Services. A customer can obtain very fast payday loan. You can receive your funds within one day if you are a first time customer and have a bank account that will accept direct deposits.

At USA Cash Services, you can apply for title loans, online pay day loans, installment loans, in-store loans and a Visa Debit Card. USA Cash Services does not check your credit and your first debit card is free. You can also call a phone number on the back or the card to check your balance.

The USA Cash Visa Debit Card can be used for shopping and paying bills. You can also use it to withdraw money from automatic teller machines.

Cons: USA Cash Services

There are cons that you should know about USA Cash Services. USA Cash Services is only provides services in California, Utah, New Mexico, Washington State, Nevada and Wyoming. Customers can also call to find out if the company has a location in their area.

There are customers that will not qualify for loans from USA Cash Services because they do not live in a specific geographic area. Customers should make sure they read the fine print for any loan. USA Cash Services loans are not for the long term. These are short term loans and borrowers should not be used for long term borrowing.
The Bottom Line: USA Cash Services

Customers will use payday loans to help them meet short term financial obligations. USA Cash Services will treat all of its customers fairly. In fact, the company does have a phone number that customers can call and talk about any issues they may have about USA Cash Services. This business is also regulated by state agencies in the areas in which they do business. A friendly customer service representative is ready to answer the phone at (877) 309-2274.

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