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The Steps To Take After A Road Accident

There are so many causes of road accidents. Negligent and careless drivers thinking they own the road; slippery road and poor weather condition; a deer suddenly crossing the road; a defective vehicle part finally breaking down; your own negligence and carelessness, such as using your smart phone or eating while driving. There really are a lot of things that can cause a car accident, so you have to know what to do in case you get into one. Quick thinking can help save lives.

Check for Any Injuries

If you get into an accident, the first thing that you need to do is to check for injuries. If you can move around, well and good; this means that you have no broken bones. However, if even small movements cause you extreme pain, then there is a very high likelihood that you have sustained broken bones. You have to stay immobile to avoid aggravating your situation more. Call 911 if you can and ask for medical assistance, but if you can’t, then ask help from someone, a bystander perhaps or one of your uninjured passengers.

You also need to check your passengers (if any) for any injuries. If an injured passenger has a deep laceration, then you need to put pressure over the wound to stop the bleeding. If he’s not breathing, then CPR needs to be administered.

Of note; if you don’t know how to administer CPR, then you need to stay on the line with the person handling your 911 call. He can give you CPR instructions until the ambulance arrives. Your CPR efforts can help save a life.

Call the Police

In addition to calling 911, you also need to call the police. They’ll document the scene of the accident and take notes and evidence of it. This is especially helpful if another driver is involved and he’s not willing to give you any information. The police will also locate witnesses who’ve seen the accident. This is a plus for you if you’re going to file a personal injury case against the other driver.

Of note though; just because the police are there doesn’t mean that you have to rely solely on them to document the accident. If you can, you should gather your own evidences. Take photos and videos of the accident; take notes of the car positions, the damages your vehicle sustained; your injuries; even the weather and road condition, etc. Gather your own witnesses and jot down their contact information.

Call Your Insurance Company

Finally, call your car insurance company. They’ll help you prepare your claim and help you, too, through the whole legal process. Of note though; you have to contact your car insurance company as soon as you can. This way, you can provide them very accurate details of what happened.

Car accidents are very traumatic, however minor they may be. But it won’t hurt you to always be prepared. So see to it that you know some first aid treatment and CPR to address possible injuries. Take defensive driving courses to become a better driver. Finally, get the right car insurance policy and make sure that it’s current and up to date.

Jennifer Dadson writes for a Lincoln auto insurance company. She writes about car accidents and the importance of having the right car insurance policy.

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