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Data center relocation is usually a cumbersome job due to the intricacy of the process itself. Data centers consist of various components like several servers, computer systems, storage facilities, fire-fighting gadgets, and electricity and communication equipments etc which have to work at optimal levels in order to ensure smooth functioning. Along with technology advancements, your data center would outgrow its purpose and facilities in some years which would necessitate relocation.

The Significance Of Scheduling Work Only On A Regular Workday

A data centre is a combination of different components involving a number of servers, computers, data storage facilities, fire fighting equipments and various electrical and communication gadgets which are required to work at their optimum so as to ensure flawless functioning of the Data Center. Due to it complex nature, data center relocation is a very difficult job. The need for data centre relocation arises due to fast technological advancement as a result of which your data center outlives its purpose and facilities in some years.

As a first step, you need to constitute a multi-disciplinary project team to look after various aspects of moving. The team should be headed by an experienced project manager who would coordinate the work of different professionals involved in the work. They would leave no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition of your data center into a more efficient and effective one at another location.

Many data center moving services make one common mistake and that is they transport the components and move data on weekends and general holidays just to save time and energy. This action is however laden with risks as it may require you a lot of other services like the support of vendors of equipments if there is any breakdown during transit.

Unforeseen difficulties may arise during your move since you are moving a set of delicate machinery which needs to be transported in the same way you transport a patient on a lifeline. Therefore, you need to schedule the work only on a regular workday because then you can look for urgent succor in case of any difficulties and breakdowns. This aspect should be covered in your strategic planning and discussed in each group meetings so that you can schedule all the related work in such a way that you can avoid moving on weekends and other holidays.

Experienced companies dealing with data center moving know that moving a data center may land them into deep trouble as any damage during movement may lead to huge financial losses, loss of important data and information etc. Therefore they try to move the data center on working days. Still, if the data is moved on weekend or on holidays your post move audit would reveal huge loss of business and cost escalations.

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