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The Shocking Reality of ‘automated Online Businesses’


Have you seen statements such as:

“I earnt $253,256.34 online last year from the comfort of my home!”


What these statement are doing are advertising online business opportunities in which you sell a selected product or service, and then train other people how to do the same and make a commission from their efforts. This is otherwise known as network marketing.


I’m sure you have been tempted to invest in one of these businesses so you can make some great money, just as I was. But it is very important that you read the following article first…


Doing your due diligence before investing in anything – especially in a business is VERY important. It can minimise your errors and help you to avoid wasting precious time and money, not to mention avoid embarrassment.


I am now extremely happy about what I am involved in and can see the massive adavantages over a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ type of business. But I wasn’t always this excited… let me explain how my skepticism quickly changed to excitement.


How did I become so excited about what I am now involved in? I asked a simple question that applies to all businesses. Is there a DEMAND for this type of business? After some thought – the answer was a resounding YES! But let me explain why…


Firstly, you need to look at exactly what the products of these online businesses are. At surface value, you may find a travel club, or courses, seminars or perhaps even nutritional supplements like pills or juices for example. We shall call this the ‘Front End Product’.


But there is another product which is much more important that all these businesses have under the surface…


Actually, it’s a combination of a product AND a service. We shall call this the ‘Back End Product / Service’.


First let me ask you – why do you want to own a business in the first place?


It’s not the actual business that you want, but the things you think it can give you right? Whatever way you look at the question – it can be broken down into two main reasons:


*You have a passion for the product/service and want to share it with as many people as possible.

*You want to create wealth so that you can live a better quality of life.


The second reason is the most common answer. This is typically why you would buy into any business. You expect that the business will generate wealth for you, and set you and your family up for a more comfortable life.


So if we refer back to the ‘Back End Product/Service’ that would be part of your business – you are also paying for a service that will be provided by your sponsor or enroller. They will show YOU how to grow a successful business.


You will then provide that service to the people YOU sponsor. That is the back end SERVICE.


The back end PRODUCT that you will offer is leaders. Your online business will produce LEADERS.


So there are two key components to these online businesses – both must be there, both must be of a high quality, and both must be in demand.


Front End Product: Usually something tangible that you can read, listen to, experience or consume (a nutritional product for example).


Back End Service: Train people to become leaders, set themselves free financially.

Back End Product: Leaders that can produce more leaders.


Is there a demand for the back end SERVICE? Absolutely yes. Millions of people around the world desire to fire their bosses, work for themselves and have more money. You can show them how! You have a way for them to exit the ‘rat race’.


Is there a demand for the back end PRODUCT? Without a doubt yes. The world always needs more leaders. Human beings are drawn towards leaders. People with the ‘alpha’ personality will always thrive. It’s encoded into our DNA.


I hope you can now see why I am so excited about the online business I am involved in. If you have the desire to create wealth and help other people – then this industry is going to be very rewarding for you.


I must warn you though – online businesses are a ‘dime a dozen’ these days. Some are a complete waste of time and have very hollow products and poor leadership. They are out to make a quick buck off you.


Be responsible and do your due diligence. If you look hard enough the cracks will show and something won’t sit right with you. Listen to your gut. You will know.


And likewise when you do find the right online business opportunity, it will just make sense to you and you will feel good about it (again, listen to your gut here).


To save yourself a load of time and wasted money – take the time to review the business that we are involved in. Click here: and follow the simple steps to get an overview of our exciting business opportunity.


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