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The perfect men’s suit!

If you’re looking for a perfect men’s custom made suit or other garments, then you can get it online here, with professionals overlooking the entire process, allowing you to be fully in charge of everything going on. No longer will you have to worry about suits ordered online which do not fit and have to be returned immediately through doubtful return policies.

This website offers a unique service for its customers worldwide – the ability to create and design your own custom made suit, order it and then receive it on your doorstep. While it’s true that there are other services similar to this one, you need to take into consideration a very important thing – the fact that not only will you have the assurance that the tailor made suit will fit your perfectly, but you’ll also get a free test custom toilered suit which you can try out and decide whether the fittings you’ve provided are okay and that the suits goes well.

The concept of a free test suit might sound weird and you may think that you’ll get something which resembles a custom suit – but it’s far from being the truth. You will only get a free test tailor made suit as soon as you sign up with this service and provide your measurements. You’ll then be able to ask for a specific material and specific colors and patterns for the test suit. When you get it, you’ll notice that this test suit is just like any other quality custom made suit – there are literally no differences. If it fits you well, then you can keep it and use it as a viable suit. You don’t have to return it either way – if something seems out of place, then you will have the option of letting the people behind the service know about it and make the necessary adjustments for your real custom made suit.


The free test suit is, as the same says it – completely free. You only have to pay for shipping costs, which can range from $36 to $46, depending on the dollar’s fluctuation. The test tailor made suit is used to get accurate information on whether the actual custom made suit you’ll be ordering will fit you accordingly. If everything seems in order, you’ll get to keep the test suit with no addition charge and work will begin on your actual custom made suit. Most other companies which offer services like this also offer revision coverage – if something doesn’t fit accordingly, you can take it to a tailor for revisions and the company will reimburse you for any additional costs. But the fact of the matter remains one which can be ascertained as being problematic – what happens with a suit which has sleeves too short? Who can mend that? Nobody – and you end up having a custom made suit you cannot wear.

In terms of the process you have to go through to get your custom tailored suit, it’s really simple. You create a new profile and you’ll be asked for measurements. After their tailor looks over those measurements and gives his approval, you’ll be contacted via email with any revisions the measurements might need. You go over those revisions and give your approval on them, or make other necessary adjustments if needed. Once this stage is done, your free test custom tailored suit will go into the fabrication process, with each step being recorded and saved on file in their offices (not on the web).

Then they’ll send you the free test custom tailored suit so you can try it on and make sure that everything fits accordingly. As mentioned before, you will get to keep this custom suit, so make sure to tell them what kind of materials you want in the suit and other specifications, if needed. If the free test custom suit needs some modifications, you don’t need to update your profile – just email them with the modifications needed. The pattern used to create your free test suit will be adjusted accordingly and the fabrication process of your final suit will begin. The modifications made will be saved, so you will be able to order up other suits in time, knowing that this company has all the information needed to create a perfect-fitting suit for you at all times.

Another great aspect of this company is that they offer unconditional refunds for up to 365 days! If you’re not happy with the suit or something goes wrong without your direct involvement, then you can ask for a complete refund, no strings attached. You will only be responsible for the shipping costs of the returned suit and have a whole year to get convinced that you really don’t like it or find something wrong with it.

All in all, this is a great service for people who want to try out something new, professional and great looking. The process might sound complicated, but it’s not – it’s designed to help you, the wearer, get exactly what you want, how you want it.

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