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The NextPlace App

The NextPlace App

Ever visited a new place and had to struggle with finding specific stores because you couldn’t communicate with the natives due to specific reasons? Well, most tourists and visitors usually go through this.

This is even worse when visiting a place where you are not familiar with the language used. Having a smartphone app that helps you identify important places in a way better than Google Maps does is great in such a situation.

Unfortunately, most of them only convince you to use them, only for you to be disappointed at how terrible they perform.

The NextPlace App (https:nextplacecr.com) developed by Design Soft S.A is a one of a kind app that helps you locate stores using GPS, allows you to make calls, chat and email stores around the country as well as order products directly from it.

This app gives you full access to stores, products, offers, bus schedules, public services, news and tourist sites, making it ideal for anyone visiting any location within the Costa Rica.

Its user friendly design together with its Chat feature not only ensures a seamless and perfect user experience, but also facilitates communication between customers and businesses.

With this app, you process your orders real time, allowing you to make an order, receive order notifications, list the orders by state, change the status of your order and even cancel it.

As you continue using this app, you accumulate points which you can redeem. It is surely the best application to find the best stores, offers and products around this country.

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