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The New Chase Credit Cards

JP Morgan Chase comes with an brand new lineup of consumer and business credit cards. The credit card landscape has changed a great deal because the times of the “chase platinum” and “value miles” cards. It was a period when card providers offered a large number of credit cards, each offering some specific perk or benefit. Today, Chase has consolidated their business and consumer credit cards to a couple highly service and benefit oriented cards. A cardholder can easily and simply understand the advantages and terms of each of those cards and utilize maximum benefits.

Let’s start with the Chase Freedom card. During the time of this writing, the liberty card can be obtained having a $100. The flagship from the Chase consumer credit card fleet, this card offers 5 % cash return in categories for example shops, and gas. The credit card offers one percent cash return on other purchases. If you prefer to shop online, you can get additional 10 % cash return if you shop online at selected merchants through Chase. The Chase FreedomTM card offers zero-percent interest for Twelve months on balances you transfer towards the card and 6 months on purchases created using your card. See credit card offer reviews now at

Chase again gets it right with Slate from Chase. Slate is really a solid choice general purpose credit card. This card is perfect for individuals with good credit histories. The credit card provides a zero-percent APR for approximately Twelve months. Additionally you get what’s referred to as Blueprint. Blueprint is really a free feature from Chase that will help you in reducing balances faster and avoiding unnecessary interest. Being an over-all purpose card, Slate doesn’t offer any cash return, points, or travel bonuses. Slate currently carries one from the lowest rate of interest associated with a card offered by the main card providers. During the time of this writing, the eye rate was as little as 11.24% variable based on credit worthiness. This will make it an ideal option for those seeking a minimal interest credit card without all the features. Slate is another great card to transfer your high rate balances to. Begin to see the Chase section at for easy-to-understand updated information including current rates of interest. See credit card offer reviews now at

Chase Sapphire is Chase’s travel reward card. The credit card can be obtained in Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred versions. Chase Sapphire is really a card for people demanding first class service. Whenever you contact customer support you’re certain to get a live individual, not really a number of automated prompts. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days per week you’ll get access to expert service advisors whenever you call. Using the Chase Sapphire Preferred card you can earn a totally free flight (25,000 bonuses) once you spend $3000 in the first 3 months. There aren’t any travel restrictions, blackout dates, and points never expire. What this means is that you can fly on leading airlines anytime. During the time of this writing, the Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred cards carried mortgage loan of 12.24% Variable.

Chase has additionally recently presented a brand new type of business cards referred to as “Ink”. A lot of it line contains three business credit cards along with a bank card: Ink Cash, Ink with Ultimate Rewards, Ink Plus with Rewards, and Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards. The Chase Ink Cash credit card may be the ultimate business cash return card offering $100 cash return after your first purchase. The credit card offers three percent cash return on purchases from categories for example fuel, dining, and office supplies online and one percent cash return on other eligible purchases. Chase Ink Plus is really a business travel rewards related card. With Ink Plus with Rewards you can earn as much as 35,000 bonuses in your first year. You’ll get premium travel benefits, complimentary airport lounge access and also a $100 cash return bonus after your first purchase. Chase Ink with Ultimate Rewards is really a mixture of the prior cards. With Ink Ultimate Rewards you can earn money back there are more methods to get the rewards you would like. No dollar goes unrewarded. Begin to see the business credit card section at for further details concerning the Chase Ink Business credit cards.

Your fourth business card from Chase may be the Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards card. This card is really a bank card not really a credit card so balances should be paid in full each month. With Ink Bold, you can earn 50 plus,000 bonuses in your first year so you get $100 cash return after your first purchase. With this particular card there aren’t any interest expenses and you can easily track your business purchases.

During the time of this writing, the Chase Ink business credit cards carried mortgage loan of as little as 13.2% variable. A lot of it business credit cards offer a zero APR introductory rate for 6 months, which makes them a great option for balance transfer promotions using their company high rate cards. Since it is a credit card, the Chase Ink Bold card doesn’t carry mortgage loan and should be paid in full each month. With all the Ink cards the points you get are 25% more valuable than American Express® Membership Rewards® points whenever you book traverse Chase Ultimate Rewards*

As you can see, the brand new Chase credit cards are much improved from cards in the past since the folks at Chase appear to have their finger on which people actually want from consumer and business credit cards.

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