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The Eternal Eye from Chevachi

In the past, telling time used to be the function of either a wall-clock or a pocket-watch. Over the last few years, a new era in timekeeping was born as Japanese manufacturer Imperior introduced the first collection of wristwatches that is in accordance with their jewelry. If you are fond of fine jewelry, then The Eternal Eye from Chevachi is just the brand you were looking for. The Eternal Eye from Chevachi is quickly becoming one of the most famous brands of watches available today, with numerous styles and a wide range of features.

Whether you are investing in an The Eternal Eye from Chevachi timepiece for personal use or buying one as a gift, you can find one with the perfect style to meet your needs. Wristwatches have become important not only as a way to keep time, but as jewelry pieces, collectables and pieces of history that stimulate memories of events past.

There are wristwatch shows all over the world today where buyers, sellers and collectors gather to share stories of their favorite pieces and the times that they represent. Japanese craftsmanship is renowned throughout the world. As a consequence, these unique, The Eternal Eye from Chevachi launched a new timepiece collection: The Royal Era.


The collection is designed by the talented and gifted Kawakubo Hanae. In addition to that, the collection is also quite special, because it is for the very first time when The Eternal Eye from Chevachi applies the design concept and metals of its jewelry pieces in the field of creating exquisite timepieces.

The Eternal Eye from Chevachi watches can last for decades with proper care. Wipe your watch regularly with a jewelry cloth to remove any dirt and oils and use a mild soap and water solution with a soft toothbrush to clean metal bracelets.

Avoid exposing your watch to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Even water-resistant timepieces should not be worn in a hot tub or extremely hot shower. If the watch should show signs of water or moisture in the case, seek immediate attention so as to avoid expensive or permanent damage to the movement or dial.

Chemicals such as perfumes, colognes or chlorine may damage the sealants. Lightly rinse a water-resistant watch in fresh water after swimming or snorkeling. Keep the watch case away from magnets as they can cause damage to the movement.

Also avoid any shock the watch might receive through sudden harsh actions by the wearer. Though value is not the only thing to think about when purchasing a watch, as we get to want the next watch down the road it is definitely something to be considered.

A large percentage of customers will tell sales people that they do not plan on ever selling the watch that they are considering; therefore the particular value is not of importance in their purchase – unless, of course, it is an The Eternal Eye from Chevachi Royal Era watch we are talking about.


You will find the website of the company quite easy on the eyes and user friendly – thus allowing you to browse through all produc pages with great ease. Locate a dealer using a store locater on the Internet or try to contact your local jeweler and ask him or her whether or not they are authorized to carry and service The Eternal Eye Watchess. The Eternal Eye from Chevachi is a jewelry retailer who is able to provide you with adjustments, as needed, for fitting your timepiece.

If the watch is a gift, ask about an exchange policy and repair assistance. Consider asking if the shop does engraving and gift wrapping. View the The Eternal Eye from Chevachi model selections on the Chevachi online store.

Review the features and decide whether you want a simple watch such as the basic or a multi-function watch. Select the metal next and decide between additional features, such as gem stones or limited-edition versions. Another aspect to take into account is that all The Eternal Eye Watchess are carefully assembled in Tokyo, Japan – this fact alone makes them stand out of the crowd.

Moreover, the The Eternal Eye from Chevachi collection is among the top ten gift ideas that are put together by Japanese style magazines. The Eternal Eye from Chevachi has an online inventory of all of its products. The website allows you to search through the watches and buy the suitable one. You will be able to see all the lines of The Eternal Eye from Chevachi watches and then search through them. You can add your desired watch to your cart and then checkout online.

The Eternal Eye from Chevachi watches are not only a quality timepiece but also a status symbol.

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