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The Driver CPC qualification is mandatory.

For those wanting to drive a HGV professionally, the Driver CPC qualification is mandatory. The categories in which the Driver CPC applies are categories: C1, C, and C+E. First time HGV student drivers are required to attend Initial Driver CPC Training. The Initial Driver CPC training consists of multiple modules, beginning with module 1/1a. Module 1 is a theory test of one hundred multiple-choice questions. The other portion of the module includes a test for hazard perception, which can be taken online.

The second module, or Module 2, involves a case study exam to test the students knowledge of theory. The following module, Module 3 is the HGV driving test section of Driver CPC training. Students are asked to consult their HGV provider for practical driving test advice. Module 4 is the final module, and involves an exam of practical associated knowledge. Following the completion of these modules, the student will be a certified and legal HGV driver who can legally drive within the United Kingdom.

Following the completion of the initial Driver CPC Training modules, HGV drivers are required to periodically maintain their certification at fiver year intervals. However, the periodic certification is via different format than that of the Initial Driver CPC training required in obtaining the initial licensing. There are various ways of maintaining the certification over the intervals for recertification.

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