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The Dark Side of Budget Web Hosting

As in this world nothing is for free; same is with free web hosting. In case of free web hosting there is another dark side undisclosed which hampers one’s chances of becoming successful. However, if one knows about these dirty secrets, he/she will be prepared and better able to handle any possible problems before they would actually arise.

The following are some of the secrets which one should know before selecting a web host:-

1. Absence of Experience

There are several budget web hosts on the web that have not been around for very long and have little or even no experience at all. The final thing which the user is supposed to do is to sign up with a company that is brand new and inexperienced and be component of their learning curve. Instead, one should find a web host that possess experience of several years and is happy to outline the year they started, their expansion, and entire experience level.

2. 24/7 Support

In case a company is searching for a budget web host and is willing to save much costs. It is for sure that the cost which the company is trying to save will be less in comparison to the loss which it has to suffer due to poor support afterwards. Thus it is quite common that some budget web hosts do not offer any sort of information about their level of support, but some argue to offer 24/7 support but in real sense don’t. Prior to signing any agreement, with a budget web host, he/she should make sure that whether the host response the call at 3 a.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends or not. Through the conclusion whether the phone is answered or not will be a very good sign as to whether one should sign up with them or keep finding.

3. Service Level Agreement

One should study the service level agreement that is provided by the budget web host. If the budget web host do not have, one then definitely move on, and if it is not a sturdy agreement that outlines precisely what will happen and the class of service the user will get in the event of a problem. The actual cause for this is because all web hosts will run into a problem at several places and one needs to know how that will be handled and how it will affect him/her before inflowing into the agreement.

4. No sole hosts

A further dirty little secret is many budget web hosts companies are not exclusively web host companies but they do offer range of other businesses or products as well. One definitely would not like to be in a situation to work with anyone who is in reality not a real web host rather one wishes a web host that only concentrate on web hosting nothing else. One should ask without hesitation before signing up any agreements or giving credit card numbers, what kind of business they are involved in and from which area their revenue comes from. This will help one to come to a conclusion about whether or not this is the web host meant for him/her or not.

This is not the end of dirty secrets; rather there are several others which are swept under the carpet in regards to the budget web hosting business. The best things one can do is to simply ask lot of questions, do a little investigation, and use the answers which one finds to help in making his/her own decision.

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