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The cities that you should go for your Turkey holidays

Well before starting your journey it is best if you start looking up for places of interest in Turkey instead of just depending on your travel agents. This will give you a rough idea of the lodgings and leisure activities available there thus enabling you to calculate the cost of your trip as well.

The cities that you should go for your Turkey holidays are of course the capital city Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir among the others. In order to witness and feel Asia and Europe one must travel to Istanbul or previously known as Constantinople which was the capital of Roman Empire after which it served the Ottoman Empire. It is here that one gets best of both worlds as it is located between Europe and Asia separated by the Bosphorous Strait. Well it is not too difficult to find cheap holidays in Istanbul which one of it is in Sultanahmet. The accommodation here ranges from a simple hostel to hotels according to your budget.

Antalya is another city not to be missed in holiday in turkey as it is called Turkey Mediterranean. It is famous for its sandy beaches, hidden caves and crystal clear waters. Besides known for its breathtaking nature it also houses the rock tomb, a 2nd century theater stage and the beautiful Roman Harbour in Perge. In Antalya you’ll have no trouble finding shoe string budget holidays as the city cater for all type of tourist. There are apartments, hostels and hotels where the difference is if you’re planning to eat out then you can opt for the apartment or the hostels as meals are not provided.

Finally you can end your Turkey holidays by visiting Ephesus where lies the Temple of Artemis. It is listed in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Other than the ancient wonders there is also a church here which is very significant to the Christian community as it is the final resting place of Virgin Mary and it’s recognized by the Vatican. All this you can experience in the city of Izmir and even though it’s the richest in the Mediterranean you’re still able to obtain cheap holidays here in April, May and October. There are extensive resorts and hotels where water sports are the highlight.

So it’s not difficult to see why Turkey is a famous travel destination besides giving us best of Asian and European culture; it has mind blowing sceneries. Turkey is truly a fusion of both new and old and best of all you can have all this with a low budget to enjoy your cheap holidays.

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