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The Business of Web Design is not a Spider?s Alone Anymore!

The world has shrunk beyond time zones, distances, geographic boundaries, culture! This process of shrinking has been – and is being – enabled by the ‘world wide web’- the network that connects the world’s people. The ‘world wide web’ comprises of several networked computers across the world that can communicate or signal each other aided by satellites and fiber optic cables.

To put it in a ‘web’, the World Wide Web can be considered to be one vast storehouse of knowledge and information. People can pump information into this storehouse as well as retrieve whatever is there. In order to both put in and pull out information, an interface is required. This interface is a ‘web page’. Through this page, a person can do myriad things – sharing information, audios, videos, pictures, have business and money transactions and much more.

So, having in mind the criticality of a web page to the world’s information business, we can easily appreciate the importance of web page design. Web Design can formally be defined as the conceptualizing and modeling of a user interface that is internet friendly and web browser(s) compatible.

The ultimate goal of web design is to create a web site which is nothing but a collection of electronic files that reside on a web server(s) and this can be done efficiently if you get hold of a great ecommerce solution that will help you create a ecommerce web site design too. A web site presents web pages to the end user. These pages could hold just information in the form of words, pictures and other multi-media (static pages) or could show varying content based on the inputs from the end user (dynamic pages).

Web design involves creating web pages and weaving them together into a web site. Depending on the information being sought by the end user, one of these web pages will be shown to him. Web page design has to take into account the content that will go into the web page, the appearance and usability of the web page and also the visibility quotient (which determines how often the page comes up when the web is searched). Once a web site is built, it has to be hosted on the web, in order for the entire world to have access (provided there is no access restriction) to it.

Web Designing has become an industry in itself. A Web Design Company springs up every minute across the world claiming to offer professional web design services. A professional web design company will not just consider the front end aspects involved in web page design but will pay attention to several back-end (server side) aspects like data security, data storing, data modeling, data retrieval etc. These aspects affect the speed and privacy of a web page which ultimately decides the number of users who will see/use it.

eCommerce, which is doing business on the web(internet) from the comfort of your home, is the corporate mantra today – it can be said that a revolution is underway, a single, large global community is in the offing and it will certainly not be an exaggeration to say that ‘Web design’ is in the thick of things.

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