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The best Business movies

What are the norms of best business movies?

Till today it is not possible to judge the mentality of people, what they like what they respect and what they love? It is hard to judge them. Whenever a movie is produced director will be having a theme in his mind and his intention of sharing what he had in his mind makes most of the film. Producer of the film trust the ability of the director and together they bring a new movie and they present their movie to the targeted audience.

One thing can be observed in all the business movies or in all the movies which have become box office hit or movies which have become popular, all the movies have a storyline which is presented in the very gripping and mind blowing manner. Even the story is known to the audience the way of presentation makes them to sit on the edge of their chair. Even though they know the story what makes them to sit so tightly on to their seats, there may be so many reasons for this. When a movie becomes successful is not the single person effort, it is a team effort, it may be excellent direction, it may excellent photography, it may be excellent acting, it may be excellent music, it may be due to very gripping story unfolding frame by frame like beautifully painted stills. But one thing can be said undoubtedly here, it is a combination of all above said factors that can make a movie a big success.

All these factors can be observed in classical movies or historical movies or it may be musical movies, or it may be adventurous movies, one can observe all the above said things are true. Whatever may be the theme of film it should be strong enough to attract the attention of the mass and one can say it should become successful in mass appeal. The best business movie is one when it gains an appreciation of the audience in all respects. A movie can be called best when it get back the amount invested in it with profits. When the movie gains recognition, from the audience, it is also recognition for its artists, directors, producers. One can observe all those movies which have looted the box office and the one which has broken the records of the box office, these things can be observed. Director need to understand the subject and its relevance to the people if he wants to present a subject in front of an audience. There cannot be a better judge than the audience. Their verdict is an ultimatum and no more disputes will be there for the judgement.

Take for example of the Book of Mormon box office, just think about it why it is received mixed opinion of the people, it is because of these reasons. Moreover one should remember one cannot satisfy everybody. There will be different opinions which will flow in both the directions.

One can be sure, if the story is gripping with a sharp throw in the dialogues, accompanying with good acting and photography, even it is low budgeted film it will win over the mass. One can term that movie as the best business movie.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Lucy daniel on behalf of boxoffice, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.

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