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Do you know what charm is?

The Art Of Charming Women

Do you know what charm is?

Most people don’t.

Most men think bragging ad nauseam about their accomplishments, about all the interesting places they’ve been, and about girls they’ve conquered is charming.

It’s not.

A lot of females complain endlessly about all the things that go wrong in their life to their friends and male suitors. Instead of attracting people, it repels them. If they feel a need to complain, they should save it for their psychiatrist.

What are charmers and what do they do?

Most of them are master manipulators. Some are even sociopaths.

However, most people are so worried about themselves that they cannot discern when the charmer is manipulating them.

There’s something else that blinds us from knowing when the charmer is taking advantage of us.

Most people think sociopaths and manipulators lack empathy.

But most manipulators and sociopaths are masters at empathizing.

The word “empathy” literally means to see where the other person is coming from, to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Although many charmers are devoid of any sympathy, they are great at demonstrating empathy. This is what makes them so deadly.

While most people are only concerned with themselves, the charmer makes the other person feel that he understands them.

He also recedes into the background and allows others to shine.

By doing this he’s playing on people’s biggest weaknesses: their ego, vanity, and self-esteem.

As soon as they drop their defenses and become dependent on him, he goes in for the kill and manipulates them.

I am not suggesting you take advantage of people or mutate into a sick and twisted Sith lord.

However, there are many lessons to glean from studying the charmer. If you put your oversize ego aside and allow women to shine, they’ll become your loyal slaves. They’ll depend on you for validation

In no time, they’ll be buying you dinner and driving you around.

Here’s your homework:

Take a few moment to imagine a person you enjoy being around.

I’m willing to bet these are people who make you feel good about yourself. They allow you to be the center of attention and laugh at your jokes.

If you can make women feel this way, they’ll give you the keys to their heart.

Why? Because when we like a person, we are willing to go out of our way for him.

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