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Webwindows Guide To Print Media Advertising

According to recent studies conducted by companies such as Google and Deloitte, print advertising is the safest, surest and the most effective way of driving traffic to websites. Companies such as Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, had realized the power of print media in increasing web traffic more than ten years ago. The Webwindows page, which is completely dedicated to small and medium sized online companies to advertise their offerings, appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK. The Webwindows page is read by a dedicated group of consumers who browse through the classified advertisements to search ... Read More »

Webwindows Guide To The Latest Trends In Advertising

The easy accessibility of the Internet had taken the advertising world by storm with many companies taking to the online medium to advertise their goods and services to a global audience. However, the latest research figures are proving that the most effective advertising medium continues to be the print media. Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, feels that by advertising in newspapers and magazines you can reach a more focused group of consumers who wish to buy your offerings online. According to Webwindows, the online medium is better for making purchases because of the comfort level it offers ... Read More »

Webwindows Guide To Effective Advertising

Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, recommends that to make the best use of their advertising dollars, online companies should advertise in the print media. Despite the onslaught of the online media, it is to the print media that people turn when they have to make their purchase decisions. Webwindows stand is supported by the latest research findings, all of which clearly highlight the fact that people place more confidence in the newspapers and magazines than on advertisements on the Internet. According to Webwindows, the reason for this is that the advertisements in the newspapers are paid advertisements ... Read More »

How Is Webwindows Superior In Its Services From Other Advertising Agencies

Webwindows is a leading media agency based in the UK. Webwindows is unique in that it combines the power of both the offline and online mediums to deliver solutions to its clients comprising mostly of small and mid-sized businesses looking for affordable yet high quality solutions. The representatives of Webwindows ensure that you get a solution that is designed to give you a competitive advantage and promote your brand, goods and sales. Webwindows is superior in services as compared to other offline marketing agencies because it makes colour advertising in the weekend supplement sections of seven broadsheet newspapers accessible for ... Read More »

Webwindows | Benefits of Offline Media Advertising

Though online media has taken the advertising and marketing world by storm by virtue of its cost effectiveness and its global reach it is yet not in a position to take on the might of the traditional or the offline media on the basis of its merits. So the perfect solution for a company is to combine the merits of both online and offline media advertising to promote products and services, create brand awareness, or sell its goods.   Before we proceed, let us first discuss the methods of online advertising to strengthen our case as to why offline media ... Read More »

Webwindows Guide To Channelizing Your Advertising Spend

According to Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, an ideal advertising strategy should combine the best of offline and online media to derive maximum returns. Both mediums can not function in isolation and Webwindows rightly suggests that small and medium sized businesses should not target just one medium but harness the power of both for better e-commerce results. Given the fact that online sales are on the rise thanks to the comfort level and the easy convenience to shop any time of the day and night, online companies should spread out their advertising spend across the online media ... Read More »