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How to Make Websites that Search Engines Love

There is no black magic or knowledge of rocket science required to building websites that are easy for search engines to navigate round and give you the best possible ranking. Get the fundamentals right and you will be ahead of the vast majority of websites created. Originally there was SGML (Standard General Markup Language). This was the standard to which all information was displayed on the Internet. It is still the basis to which HTML and XML adhere. The Algorithms that Search Engine Spiders use to analyze sites are designed to recognize this standard and very little has ... Read More »

Search Engine Submissions: an Effective Way to Promote Websites

Search engine submission is the process of submitting specific URLs to popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo, to ensure the webpage get indexed. One of the ways to promote a website is through search engine submission. There are two basic reasons why a web site or web page is submitted to a search engine. The first reason is to add an entirely new web site as the site operators should not wait for a search engines to discover them. The second is to have web pages or web sites updated in the respective search engine. How web sites ... Read More »

The Keys To Effective Marketing And Link Building

Although there are numerous articles, as well as individuals, that will tell you that the only way to have effective online marketing is by utilizing an SEO company. In fact, there are many things that you can do without the assistance of an SEO that will assist you in effectively promoting your website. Now, though some of these methods may not be as effective when done without an SEO company, they will still assist you in improving your search engine ranking. Read More »

Utah Web Design – Assisting You To Develop A Web Presence.

If you are the proud owner of a business in the vicinity of Utah, but your business is still without an Internet presence after all these years, you have some serious thinking to do. Chances are that all your competitors already have websites for their businesses and that they are grabbing customers that could have been yours. There are so many Utah web design professionals out there that you really have no reason not to have your own website. Read More »

Finding New Content For Your Internet Writing

Some companies have people on staff that are so prolific with the writing and ideas for content on their site, they are channeling Stephen King without the creepy horror. But so often the content tapers off, even for us. I have been jotting down ideas that I come up with or collect from reading all over the next and looking at other sites, this is a list we pull from when clients, or even our own writers, get stuck. Read More »

Internet Business Writing

If you are tired to work for someone else you have a great option. You can just write for different websites and get paid. You can relax in your own home and write a few hours a day. First step is to find a few websites to subscribe and just start working for yourself. Read More »