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Is a Blog a Good Type of Website?

Over the past couple of years Ive learned how important a tool a blog can be to anyone who has an internet business; some people think it can even be your internet business. Thats a choice you must make but we hope we can provide some information to help you. Although blogs are great for building connections with potential customers they have their limitations and do not answer every purpose or provide everything you may need on a website. There are may programmes for sale that would try to convince you that blogging is the best way forward and although ... Read More »

What Type Of Companies Are Web Design?

I am looking at starting a web design firm with some friends and want to follow all the legal procedures. Are they sole proprietorships or corporations? Do I need a business license? What paperwork and other legal things do I need to do? I am totally confused as to where to beginning finding out the step by step process to making my business legal and fully professional and recognized. Any thoughts/opinions/comments in detail would be greatly appreciated. Once again I want to create a web design firm based in Seattle that does business both locally and nationally, and will have ... Read More »

What Type Of Online Business Should We Start?

My husband and I would really like to start an online business. We don’t want to sign up for someone else’s business and get into a scam. My husband is an IT Tech and anything dealing with computers he can do, including building webpages. Any ideas on what type of online business we could start? We don’t have alot of money to invest. Anyone started the own online business and made a decent extra income, or even better made their full income? Again nothing like online mystery shopper, survey taker, etc. We want to build our’s from scratch Read More »