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Webhosting: A Guide

To expand the field of your business world, setting up a website for making your business a part of the online world of business, is definitely an aspect of paramount significance. Having consolidated the foundation, you; fancy of having a domain name and then follow the idea of finding web hosting for the purpose of the website you're going to have. Primarily, you start thinking about the suitable web hosting that can help you. So, let me begin with the ABC of this world of web hosting. Read More »

How to Get a Free Domain Name

The cost of doing online business is getting more expensive every day. Various fees are involved just to start up a website ranging from a few dollars to hundreds. Some of these fees are for web site design, hosting, email, software expense, and domain name registration. Although buying a domain name is not the most expensive part of starting a website, it is still a recurring yearly cost that is helpful to avoid if possible. Having your own domain name gives your business respectability so it is a great thing to have. Getting a free domain name and registration from your web host is a great way to avoid paying an initial fee and yearly maintenance. It cuts your expenses for running your business. There are some facts you should know about what is involved and what should be looked for in considering the offers of free domain names. Read More »

Find Hosting for Your Forum

What host is right for your forum? It can be extremely challenging to find the perfect host provider for you forum. There are many advertisements saying the service they provide is best but they cannot all be the best. Quite often, web hosts offer a great service initially but this does not remain. Problems with shared servers, a low quality of service or ignoring customer requests can all ruin a relationship. This may mean you are looking for a new host. Read More »

Finding the Best Hosting Control Panel

A control panel is provided by a web host. As suggested by the name, it is the controlling mechanism for the website and helps in managing the website. Control panel is the one place from where a user can do everything that is needed to be done, while hosting a website, this includes tracking statistical information like traffic information, creating FTP accounts, setting up email accounts, adding sub-domains, databases, managing files, among many other things. Read More »