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Securing Web Design Orders Through our Existing Portfolio of Customers

Anybody who has advertised on Google Ad words or Overture knows what it costs to generate leads, build a sales pipeline and convert the orders. The cost per click for the keyword ‘web design’ can be as high as £2 per click. Try to generate enough good leads and your pay per click budget could run into the thousands. Obviously getting the leads is not enough to secure web design orders. A lot of time and money can go into following up on the leads and converting these to web design orders. There is no doubt about it: securing first ... Read More »

What you Need to Know to Promote yourself Through Search Engines in Poland

The popularity of different search engines among Polish internauts The popularity of search engines in Poland is frequently measured. Recent information can be found on different web sites such as or Megapanel PBI/Gemius. The analysis confirms that Polish people use not only global but also local search tools. The very recent research (from May 2007) shows distinctly that the most popular search engine is Google. The popularity of search engines in Poland according to domain compares (|OW) the domains which drive the most visits on Polish websites. The comparison of search engines according to most popular search engines ... Read More »

Business Success is Through Advertising

When starting an online business, one of the most powerful means of success is through using an advertising network, but there are many important factors to take under consideration before you embark on your marketing journey. With careful research and proper implementation, advertising networks are essential tools in helping you promote your business, create attractive banners for your website, use cost-effective marketing techniques and guide you in marketing strategies for your success. First, it’s important to understand what an advertising network is. Advertising networks are companies that connect websites that host advertisements with advertisers who want to run advertisements. They ... Read More »

Create Wealth through Affiliate Marketing

Product Descriptiontips, solutions, free tools, advices and information on how to make money online by using affiliate internet marketing business model.Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you’re not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle give you full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day…. More >> Create Wealth through Affiliate Marketing Read More »

Marketing Is A Contact Sport: Make Contact Through Blogs, Seo

Product DescriptionBlogs & Social Marketing are key In tough Economic times like now, It’s even more important to save money with Do-it-your-self SEO, use blogging and Social networking for Internet Marketing. Blogs are at the heart of Internet Marketing, and they can help you promote your business. You will learn the secrets of Blogs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Marketing, and Social Marketing to grow you business. The book brings in strategies to help win friends and influence people, a key trait in the world of Social and Business networking. It shows new paradigm of Internet marketing, and easy to ... Read More »

7 Easy Tips to Create your Profitable Ppc Online Advertising Campaign & Make Big Money Through Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising (ppc)

PPC stands for Pay Per Click – a popular advertising technique on the Internet. Found on websites, online advertising networks, and especially on search engines, Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising (Ppc Online Advertising) involves sponsored links that are typically in the form of text ads. These are usually placed close to search results (or called organic results), where a PPC advertiser pays a particular amount to visitors who click on these links or banners and land on the PPC advertiser’s web page. In essence, Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising (Ppc Online Advertising) is all about bidding for ... Read More »