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Take My Company Public With Attitude and Reverse Mergers – Belvedere Global Strategies Corporation

I've been involved with more mergers and acquisitions and IPOs than I can even count. I've been called many names when I'm getting involved with corporate turnaround consulting but the most common of these terms are: arrogant, cocky and hardheaded. I take these names as a feather in the cap and a notch on the belt because the worst thing that can happen is that a company or board of directors hires a wimp or pushover. Having swagger when walking into a negotiation session or presentation makes all the difference. Refuse to lose and have the contacts to back up your moves. Read More »

Take A Company Public – S1 Attorneys – PCAOB Audits – Good Luck, You’re Going To Need it

The undertaking of a public offering on the OTCBB, just as with the NYSE and NASDAQ can be tedious, strenuous, exhausting and an ongoing perpetuation of one failure after another until you just throw in the towel and call it quits; but it doesn't have to be that way. Read More »

Chinese Companies: How To Go Public In The USA

As a global corporate strategies firm we are beginning to get many inquiries from foreign corporations that wish to take advantage of the rapid growth capabilities of trading stock in the US. Getting set up with a consulting firm that specializes in fund-raising mechanisms such as private placement memorandum, direct public offering and/or taking one's company public on the OTCBB can help a foreign entity obtain virtually instant gratification of raising large amounts of capital in an expedient manner. Read More »

Take Your Foreign Company Public: This Is The Only Truth You’ll Get!

Bypassing the blistering reality that banks aren't making small or medium size business loans. Lines of credit are deal. Hard money predators are out in full force and legitimate funding sources are at an all time low. Companies can take the tried and tested route in hiring a consultant, structuring their company, building strategic alliances, creating a solid board of directors and then authoring the business plan and PPM for the initial raise but why would they when they have so many scammers telling them that they can easily raise the capital with a shelf corporation or reverse merger into a pink sheets public shell. Read More »