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What Can Your Web Host Do For You?

A php.ini file allows the webmaster to make custom changes to the site and data. This is the most important thing to look for, when you are searching PHP hosting. You also want to make sure that the host you choice does not have limits on the size of your posting, memory and uploading. When there are limits on these things it can begin to become irksome. Read More »

What Is PHP And How Is It Helpful?

If you don't understand what web hosting is you are not alone. The whole concept can be confusing. Well, the term host makes sense. A host takes care of all the details at say, a restaurant. A web host, it would make seem, would take care of all the little details on a website. There are company's that strictly take care of websites, for some cash. Like in any other aspect of the world, some are better than others. Read More »