Wednesday , 15 May 2019
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IPhone Fix – Do’s And Don’ts

Whether ones iPhone has been washed properly in a washing machine or have been run over by a car or simply fallen from ones hand and fell down the stairs , there is repair and fixing services available for every kind of disaster or mis-happening that ones iPhone might have gone through. However one should be careful regarding which agency or repair company they are handing over their precious iPhone to. One should check the credibility of the repair agency and see how much customer satisfaction it provides. Read More »

Apple IPhone 5 – Are The Rumours True?

At the moment there are lots of Apple iPhone 5 rumours floating around the market place. It is very hard however to determine if these rumours are fact or fiction though. There is a strong chance that most of these rumours are false, created by people who are not affiliated with Apple in any way. Alternatively there has been much speculation that this could just be a strategy created by Apple to create considerable hype for its new iPhone 5 in an attempt draw peoples attention away from faults found with the Apple iPhone 4. Read More »

Hiphone- Second To None But iPhone

Hiphones can be simply put as the well-accepted replicas of iPhones. Those who cannot afford to buy themselves a trendy iPhone from Apple can look forward to buying a similar phone with corresponding features at a reduced price. As it is a high quality product, hiphone is getting very popular with time. Read More »