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How to be a Money Making Comedian

Being a comic seems to be a great profession. It seems easy because people are always laughing at what you do and say. First of all be sure they are laughing because what you say is funny, not that you are acting like an idiot! At parties, people always gather around to listen to what you have to say. All right, that is a start, but again, it is important to be assured that you are saying funny things, not because after 5 beers, you can easily swallow 10 goldfish! You can learn to use some of these things as a comic, and you can learn how to make money being a comedian, but it is not easy. Read More »

Pay for Performance (p4p) Advertising

   Businesses around the world invest, or to be more precise, they spend, untold numbers of dollars to advertise, market and promote their products and services to make sales and gain new clients. In an economic downturn these expenditures may be reduced due to cost constraints and consumer reluctance to buy. As an example it costs around $1,000usd for a small classified advertisement in the weekend editions of major USA newspapers, $2-3,000usd for a similar placement in monthly travel magazines.  Radio spots, from ‘cheap and nasty’ during the hours when nobody is really awake to prime time messages to thousands, ... Read More »