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Webwindows | Benefits of Offline Media Advertising

Though online media has taken the advertising and marketing world by storm by virtue of its cost effectiveness and its global reach it is yet not in a position to take on the might of the traditional or the offline media on the basis of its merits. So the perfect solution for a company is to combine the merits of both online and offline media advertising to promote products and services, create brand awareness, or sell its goods.   Before we proceed, let us first discuss the methods of online advertising to strengthen our case as to why offline media ... Read More »

Offline Media Advertising Vs Online Advertising

According to Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, when it comes to advertising print prevails on the Internet. This view of Webwindows is confirmed by findings by companies such as Google and Deloitte. Webwindows explains these findings by stating that newspapers and magazines are integrally woven into the collective psyche of the people and even in the times of the Internet, they remain the main source of news, analysis and information. Webwindows further states that newspapers are synonymous with trust and quality and so people put more faith in the print media than in any other media. According ... Read More »