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Webwindows Guide To Print Media Advertising

According to recent studies conducted by companies such as Google and Deloitte, print advertising is the safest, surest and the most effective way of driving traffic to websites. Companies such as Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, had realized the power of print media in increasing web traffic more than ten years ago. The Webwindows page, which is completely dedicated to small and medium sized online companies to advertise their offerings, appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK. The Webwindows page is read by a dedicated group of consumers who browse through the classified advertisements to search ... Read More »

Advertising Media Planning, Sixth Edition

Product DescriptionThe bible of media planning for more than 25 years, Advertising Media Planning teaches the fundamentals of planning, purchasing, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. It also emphasizes today’s rapid proliferation of media choices. This new edition covers the increasing use of nontraditional and interactive media, including interactive television and the Internet. … More >> Advertising Media Planning, Sixth Edition Read More »

Webwindows | Benefits of Offline Media Advertising

Though online media has taken the advertising and marketing world by storm by virtue of its cost effectiveness and its global reach it is yet not in a position to take on the might of the traditional or the offline media on the basis of its merits. So the perfect solution for a company is to combine the merits of both online and offline media advertising to promote products and services, create brand awareness, or sell its goods.   Before we proceed, let us first discuss the methods of online advertising to strengthen our case as to why offline media ... Read More »

Choosing the Right Advertising Media for Your Business

span style=”font-size: 10pt; font-family: “Verdana”,”sans-serif”;”>Advertising is one of the pillars on which your business is built. In order for your company to survive it is important that others know about you and advertising is the major way you can reach out to potential customers. And this customer base will expand only if your advertisement hits the right target. Hence it is very important to choose the right means through which you advertise and more so because this will produce a cost effective campaign that will save you unnecessary expenses So how do you choose your advertising media? Here are a ... Read More »

Unravelling The Myths About Media Advertising With Webwindows

With the advent of the Internet many businesses were taken in by the low-costs, easy availability and global reach of the online media and felt that this was the best possible medium to create awareness and promote their goods and services. Webwindows realized that while the popularity of the online media could not be discounted, yet the actual of power of advertising still lay with the print media. Webwindows belief has been reiterated by the results of recent studies by Google and other companies. The results clearly point to what Webwindows has been saying and promoting all along: For an ... Read More »