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Where Should You Host Your Gaming Server?

There are very many gaming server providers out there in the market today. If you are a game owner, selecting one managed server from a list of hundreds can be very intimidating. There are very many things that you must consider. This is important because finding the right one can be very beneficial to your business and to your customers as well. Read More »

Who Are The Top Managed Service Providers?

Before one can even make a good comparison on top managed servers, that person has to learn first what a managed server is. This is so when he is faced with a variety of options he would know what to look for to utilize in his organization. In most lines of business managed servers are now becoming a necessity. A managed server or managed dedicated server is a form of service that pertains to software, hardware, troubleshooting and maintenance of that dedicated server. More often than not, a provider adds extra services in a package to provide a more profound degree of management. Read More »

Finding the Top Managed Server Providers

There are many lists over the net that shows the top managed server providers. If you will notice, not all the lists have the same number one on their list. Why? The reason for this is because these different lists have their own preferences that might be different from others. That is also the reason why the rate of provider companies also differs. Read More »

Managed Web Hosting Versus Unmanaged Hosting Solutions

As there are such a vast number of different server hosting solutions on the market these days, you are faced with a huge number of choices when trying to figure out what solution will work best for your needs, and this can complicate things a bit. Servers come in two main groupings these days, which are managed and unmanaged. As the name implies managed hosting entails the maintenance and customization of your hosting options is managed by the company you obtain your services through. An unmanaged server, however, means that you will need a set of professionals who can manage all the aspects of your networking for you. Read More »