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Linux Hosting Helps Your Business

You would certainly spend within your means if you make Linux hosting your choice for your online business. If it does not strike you hard what do you think of the wonderful interface it is originally designed for. Moreover, it has got a wonderful platform that is extremely agile in its functionality making it a bit more dependable. Read More »

What To Know About Linux Hosting

One of the most tough and off-putting decisions an admin has to take is none other than opting out a hosting server for the website. It is not going to be that easy to settle on one of the choices out there as all options one could choose are equally good to go with a business startup. Without knowing which way to proceed, you really cannot make an improvement even after deciding to get on with a particular choice. No chances for slipping here as we should be looking at another plan to make up for this blemish. Carrying enough caution in your mind, why can't you look at Linux hosting as a realistic technique to serve your cause. It does carry a number of Internet applications on its back as it runs on a completely open source code. Read More »

Web Hosting Platform Face-Off: Windows, UNIX, and Linux

Product DescriptionWeb server software, like any other application, must reside on top of an operating system in order to function. A key choice facing organizations today is which operating system to choose for public and internal Web servers. In most cases, this decision will come down to a choice between UNIX, Windows NT/2000, or Linux, although there are Macintosh and NetWare-based Web servers available…. More >> Web Hosting Platform Face-Off: Windows, UNIX, and Linux Read More »

Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache

Product DescriptionThis book is for Web Developers who want to learn how to use Linux & Apache for Website Hosting. The first chapters will teach you how to install Linux and Apache 2.0 on a home or office machine for testing purposes. Then you’ll learn how to perform dozens of common tasks including: Updating server software Setting up new Websites, Email Accounts and Subdomains Configuring various Linux & Apache files related to performance and security Install spam filtering software Perform automatic backups and crash recoveries And much more. This is the ideal book for anyone who wants to run Websites ... Read More »