Saturday , 23 March 2019
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Innovative ID Card Ideas

With ID card printers, you'll be able to make your on HID access and give them to your employees, staff members or anyone deemed necessary to get into restricted areas. If your organization has any security issues, keep in mind they call be addressed by the ID access card printers, because they use a software that encodes each HID access card to the specifications that they require. The information held on the magnetic strip on the HID access card is encoded by the ID printer. Read More »

HID Access Technology

Your organization could get a great new asset with HID access cards which are the latest invention of access technology. With the quick paced life style of today, just being able to swipe a card and have the door open is very efficient. Using an HID proximity card to gain entry into a network system, and not have to remember passwords or type them, might be a valuable time saver to your companies productivity. Read More »