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White Cyc Los Angeles – Process

White Cyclorama is a perpetual process that's remained the same since its first use in German nineteen century theaters and it's still being use today in the twenty first century. White Cyc Los Angeles is still being used for filming computer effects. Any los angeles studios can have their own White Cyclorama Studios, but it's cheaper to hire a White surfaced Cyclorama studio in los angeles. Read More »

Seamless Background – White Cyc LA

White cyc LA is a special continuous background with no visual corners, and sharpened angles that cause shadows. White surfaced cyc can be use together with green screen to enhance the films computer effects. Advantages of white surfaced cyc are : to make a visual illusion of unlimited space, and provide a background for all types of lighting probabilities to realize the need background effect for the photographer. White surfaced cyc can be use to make every kind of backgrounds for differing types of film media. Read More »