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Complete Content Submission Plan Using Google Sniper 2.0

The most useful course you can learn in Google Sniper 2.0 is on how to submit your complete contents. You can get an exact time frame and the exact location where you can submit all your contents. The author will show you the top 5 article directories. They will also show you the best and most inexpensive directory submission service. You can also get the top sites that can guarantee you the targeted traffic that you desire. One of the advantages you can get is that you will get higher rankings in most search engines. You need to make a ... Read More »

So What is This Google + Then?

I got an early invite into Google+. Am I I a fortunate dude or not? So Graham is now on Google+ For those people on the web who have been living under a rock and haven’t been frustrated all week as you desperately attempt to convert a Google+ invitation into a back door entry, G+ is Google’s new Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn killer (Delete as acceptable) So after a whole seven days of using it, rather intermittently I should say because I actually do have a job working on my biz which takes up a little bit of time, I assumed I might ... Read More »

Articles Can Help You Get Free Traffic

It is possible that you already know, submitting articles to article directories is a Great way to get targeted traffic & passive income and profits. Now I will give to you some reasons why article marketing can be a surefire way to get free passive streams of targeted traffic to your website. Read More »

The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

A common question I'm often asked from people who are new to Internet marketing is whether or not they should be concerned with search engine optimization. What often happens is that after a while, new website owners don't receive any traffic and they start to wonder why. The truth of the matter is that now they are focused on search engine optimization which determines where and how your website is ranked on search engines. Read More »

How To Get High Rankings On Google And Yahoo Search Engines

Do you ever wander how some sites get top rankings in the main search engines and others do not? Well of course you do. The reason being is that these sites adhere to a system that the search engines love and in return give these websites higher and better rankings in their listings. There are 7 key ingredients that if implemented properly will produce the desired results for you and your website marketing. They are: Step 1: Advantages of a keyword rich domain name Does your domain name affect your search engine ranking? In my experience, the domain name ... Read More »

Top 10 Search Engine Marketing And Top Google Position Holygr Myths

You are about to discover the top ten search engine marketing (optimization) myths. Prepare yourself, as a lot of misconceptions around search engine optimization will be cleared. 1- Building a website means that people will find it. Search engines are just like phone book directories (but with a twist). For a mere $150 anyone can get a telephone biz listing in their area, but if you want to have a stand out high visibility ad such as “Marbury & Madison: Justice For All”, you need to put extra work on your site. Unlike phone directories where you simply ... Read More »