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Five Good Advertisement Techniques

Advertisement techniques don’t have to be new to be effective. But the most effective ones in today’s modern environment are interactive, target a narrow market, and get immediate responses. This article covers five advertisement techniques that meet one or more of the above modern criteria: •    PR Advertisements•    Theatre Advertisements•    Magazine Advertisements•    Publication Advertisements•    Cable Television Advertisements Advertisement Techniques 1: PR Advertisements PR advertisements are great at building support for your business. Usually a PR advertisement’s purpose isn’t to make a sale, but to build contacts and friends for your business. The best advertising technique for PR advertising is getting ... Read More »

What Credit Card Would You Recommend For Someone Trying To Re-establish Good Credit History?

I have decent credit but I had cancelled all my cards when trying to get out of debt. I am now free of all unsecured debt but I need to have a card so in the future I won’t be hurt by having no credit. I’m thinking I want a card with no annual fee and a low APR. The card would only be used very occassionally and paid off immediately. I have no desire to repeat previous mistakes. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good card for this purpose? Read More »