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Where Can I Find A Good Web Design Affiliate Program?

I am not good at web design but would still like to offer web design services. Do you know of any companies that offer a commission per sale for a website? I do not want to create a website and have an affiliate link, I would rather go to local businesses and see if they are interested in having a website created for them. So basically I go to a business, see if they want a website. If they do, somehow I can refer them to a company and make a certain amount per sale. Do you have any companies ... Read More »

What Is A Good Free Web Hosting Program To Use?

I am making a website for valentines for my girlfriend. I know kinda gay but meh. Anyhow what would be a good web hosting place to host this? Going to be probably using dreamweaver or frontpage to upload so if it could be compatible with this that would be needed. I think its called FTP/PHP. Thank you Read More »

Create a Good Web Resume

A web developer who has recently completed an internship or has decided to explore a different avenue of the web design world more importantly needs to be able to show future employers their skills. The best way to do so is by creating a superb web resume. A web resume for any web developer should include precise details of their career to date. Below is a list of experience that an employer is looking for on the resume. A web resume should include: The name of each past employer and your job titles. The number of staff you managed (if ... Read More »

I Need To Find A Good Search Engine Optimization Service.?

I am running an internet based business, and I need to find a search engine optimization service that will help improve business while at the same time not break my budget. My products are swords, daggers and knives. We do very well on point of sale transactions, but the internet side is lagging far behind. Our URL is Any suggestions would be greatfully received. Read More »