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Webwindows Guide To Effective Advertising

Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, recommends that to make the best use of their advertising dollars, online companies should advertise in the print media. Despite the onslaught of the online media, it is to the print media that people turn when they have to make their purchase decisions. Webwindows stand is supported by the latest research findings, all of which clearly highlight the fact that people place more confidence in the newspapers and magazines than on advertisements on the Internet. According to Webwindows, the reason for this is that the advertisements in the newspapers are paid advertisements ... Read More »

Effective Internet Advertising Solutions

Internet has grown in leaps and bounds since its invention and for the past two decades. It has become known as a medium for advertising. Internet advertising is preferred by consumers and businessmen alike due to its low cost and the considerable growth of Internet users and as it has a far and wide reach. Internet can capture text, images, video and audio. The advertisers can produce logos, moving banners, animated and three- dimensional imagery and with the combination of these, advertisers produce successful and low cost Internet advertising solution Internet advertising is affordable and also helps to effortlessly transact ... Read More »

The 12 Habits Of Highly Effective Websites: A Primer On Search Engine Optimization For Non-Technical Executives

Product DescriptionTired of getting the wool pulled over your eyes in Internet marketing meetings? Wondering why your web traffic is a fraction of what it could be? Designed for the non-technical executive, this book will demystify how search engines decide which websites are displayed at the top of search results — and which are not — and will help you take the first steps to building your own sales lead generation strategy for the web…. More >> The 12 Habits Of Highly Effective Websites: A Primer On Search Engine Optimization For Non-Technical Executives Read More »

Effective Advertising at the Lowest Possible Cost

One of the major and most successful forms of marketing is Advertisement. Therefore, choosing the right and most effective way of advertising is very important. For any form of advertisement there is a cost incurred. So, when you advertise your product or service you are restricted to your Advertising budget. Advertising costs are controllable expenses. Advertising budgets helps at determining and controlling the expense. A thorough research should be conducted before deciding the potential advertisement option suitable for your product or service to gain maximum satisfaction out of your Advertising budget. There are different types of advertising categories under ... Read More »

Webwindows | Creating an Effective Advertising Strategy

When we talk about advertising, we generally refer to commercial advertising or paid advertising done through traditional channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The other advertising medium that has taken the world by storm is the Internet. Advertising, as the term is used today, is then broadly classified under two sections, Traditional advertising and online advertising. Before discussing how to devise an effective advertising strategy, we first need to understand the different types of advertising channels available to us.   As said, traditional advertising channels include newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Of all these, newspapers and magazines can ... Read More »

Creating effective Web designs through the use of Grids

Creating effective Web designs through the use of Grids Mathematics is often closely related to the arts. Unfortunately many people are under the impression that structure and method will limit creative expression when in reality the two often compliment one another. In Web Design, mathematical principles such as grids can aid the designer during the creative process. Using grids for arranging layout types and structuring content is a well-known method that is gaining popularity in the field of web design. Intentional design plays an important role in Web Development and in this article we look at the benefits of grid ... Read More »