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Obtaining An Improved Selling Position On E-Bay

How do you obtain an improved selling position on e-bay? This question may have been asked many times already. Internet market and e-bay online selling are such a big area to consider. How will an online eCommerce shop get more customers and sell products well? Well, here are some tips to help sellers sell their goods on e-bay better. Best Match. A seller should focus on improving his position on Best Match, the default search result sorter of E-Bay. In order to have a good position in Best Match, the seller must take note of the following: o Reasonable Pricing ... Read More »

Unbeatable Optimization Techniques for Your eBay Auction

If you learn how to set up your eBay auctions effectively, you can build a part time or even full time business out of it. By optimizing your auction properly, you can draw more buyers into it and drive up the price. eBay users who are just starting out usually list their products and hope for the best, but they could vastly improve their results by applying a few optimization methods. There are several actions you can take that will make eBay buyers much more likely to participate in your auctions. Read More »

EBay Is An Online Marketing Site

Pierre Omidyar created EBay on September 1995. This online marketplace was one of the first websites of its kind in the world. The site was originally named AuctionWeb. The name 'eBay' came from the domain Omidyar used for his site. His company's name was Echo Bay. The first thing ever sold on eBay was Omidyar's broken laser pointer. It sold for $14. Read More »