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Selecting Disk Drives For Your Dedicated Hosting

There are many different questions that need to be asked in the world of dedicated hosting but the delicate issue of disk space is always going to be an important one. In an ideal world, users would look for the maximum amount of disk space possible to cover themselves in any eventuality but of course, this is not the case. Read More »

Where Should You Host Your Gaming Server?

There are very many gaming server providers out there in the market today. If you are a game owner, selecting one managed server from a list of hundreds can be very intimidating. There are very many things that you must consider. This is important because finding the right one can be very beneficial to your business and to your customers as well. Read More »

Who Are The Top Managed Service Providers?

Before one can even make a good comparison on top managed servers, that person has to learn first what a managed server is. This is so when he is faced with a variety of options he would know what to look for to utilize in his organization. In most lines of business managed servers are now becoming a necessity. A managed server or managed dedicated server is a form of service that pertains to software, hardware, troubleshooting and maintenance of that dedicated server. More often than not, a provider adds extra services in a package to provide a more profound degree of management. Read More »

Things You Should Expect When You Buy From A Server Hosting Company On The World Wide Web

When it comes to selecting a server hosting company, there are certain things that you should view as requirements and things that you should expect from said company. The chosen company should provide reliable and reputable service at a price you can afford, and should always strive to stay on the cutting edge of new server technology or networking improvements. Read More »

Cloud Hosting May Be The Next Great Thing – There Are Still Arguments For Renting A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers have been around since the Internet first began. Although dedicated servers are very different to the original dedicated server, they are in many ways similar. The common misconception is that dedicated servers only have one job. In fact, dedicated servers can multi-task. Servers can be used for any of the following requirements. Read More »