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Tips For Migrating Your Website To A Different Web Hosting

When migrating your website from one server to another ensure that you keep a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish so that the transition is smooth and there are no major issues. First task is to stop any additional development work on the main live site. In a majority of the cases businesses will have a local copy of the site which when uploaded to a live server (a hosting server that has a live IP accessed by users on the internet). The first task is to upload the local copy of the site to the new ... Read More »

Get Results Finding Someone Behind An Unlisted Number

Is there such a thing as a cell phone directory? As you already know that when you are looking for someone phone number, you can easily search a telephone directory. Many people do not realize that you can find information about just about anyone with a reverse lookup directory using a cell phone number. Read More »

How To Manage The Database Thru Web Hosting Service? How To Check The Number Of Users A Web Site Can Handle?

Hi, We intend to collect the data thru a website. We choose to go with one of the web hosting service for this purpose. I want to check if there is any check list that will ensure the perfect management of our web based database. The other question is, How many number of parallel user can use the web site (in general) and how do I know the number of users that can be hanled by my website. Read More »