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Printing and Creative Boutique in Canada


Toner cartridges have experienced a sea of change during the recent times. As the use has increased manifold in the present, the quality has also improved. It is wise to choose the right kind of toner cartridges for your use and to accomplish that properly, you need to know the toner cartridges exclusively and know the technique to make a correct choice. You will be able to make a qualified choice if you are well informed. You must have used toner cartridges which have been recycled with new toner by the method of drilling and filling. They are poor quality ... Read More »

Are Windows XP Registry Cleaners Reliable?

Windows XP registry cleaners came onto the scene quite a while ago. Having said that, a lot of people are wondering if they are capable of living up to their claims. First off, the Windows registry, quite frankly, is without question one of the worst "enhancements" to the Windows operating system that has taken place in the 25 or so years that Bill Gates and Windows has been on the scene. The OS was actually suppose to compress all of the configuration files spread through out the computer into one or two large files. Read More »

Where It All Started: The History Of The Internet

What initiated the development of the Internet in the first place was the need of universities to share information between their researchers and the fear of the military that a major attack will destroy their computer networks controlling satellites and other types of weapons. The history of the internet is closely linked to this research. Read More »

Our Information Super Highway : The History Of The Internet

Many years ago, students at universities found it difficult to share information with their peers. It was cumbersome to work on a project and you had no way for the other person seeing what you have just done. So too did the military see the need to protect their computer mainframes with the knowledge that their networks will be safe in case of an attack. The history of the internet is one of intrigue and genius, bringing the world together on a small screen. Read More »