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Basic Layout and Requirements for Web Designing: by Pseudo Technology

CSS versus tables for layout: When Netscape Navigator 4 dominated the browser market, the popular solution available for designers to lay out a Web page was by using tables. Often even simple web designing for a page would require dozens of tables nested in each other. Many web templates in Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG editors still use this technique today. Navigator 4 didn’t support CSS to a useful degree, so it simply wasn’t used. After the browser wars subsided, and the dominant browsers such as Internet Explorer became more W3C compliant, designers started turning toward CSS as an alternate means ... Read More »

Basic Types and Requirements for Web Designing: Given by Pseudo Technology

Web site design crosses multiple disciplines of information systems, information technology and communication design. The web site is an information system whose components are sometimes classified as front-end and back-end. The observable content (e.g. page layout, user interface, graphics, text and audio) is known as the front-end. The back-end comprises the organization and efficiency of the source code, invisible scripted functions, and the server-side components that process the output from the front-end. Depending on the size of a Web development project, it may be carried out by a multi-skilled individual (sometimes called a web master), or a project manager may ... Read More »

Basic Web Design – What You Should Know Before You Start

Basic Web design is a critical skill to understand if you plan to run an efficient online business. You can hire a pro to do most of the work if you like, but understanding the basics yourself will allow you to have more control over your business. Even if you plan to outsource the Web design process, you should be able to make small changes and handle emergency updates on your own. Being completely at the mercy of hired help is bad for business. Whether you want to learn basic Web design so you can tackle the job yourself, or ... Read More »

Dw230; Seo-search Engine Optimization: Get the Basic Scoop on Seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be a factor in an online home based business. Starting a website is a way to get your name, interests and what you have to offer out on the World Wide Web. DW230 is a Japanese search engine that allows quick searches utilizing Google, Yahoo and MSN. A vast majority of internet users use search engines to find what they are looking for. As an online entrepreneur it is beneficial to know what search engines look for when they return search results. Having a website would be a waste of time without ... Read More »

Basic Facts on Commercial Development Finance

Developers or investors can get development finance UK from specialists. They can be an individual, a partnership, limited companies, trusts, and other organizations or less known business entity. When you are looking for development finance UK, you are relying on the expertise and sources of the development finance specialist. At this time, you will be working hand in hand with someone who can not only provide you with the needed finance, but can also ensure that the project will be at its best shape. This could be of your advantage because your resources and connection will expand. Development finance UK can extend to ... Read More »

Web Style Guide, 3rd edition: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites

ISBN13: 9780300137378 Condition: NEW Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark. Click here to view our Condition Guide and Shipping Prices Product DescriptionConsistently praised in earlier editions as the best volume on classic elements of web site design, Web Style Guide, now in its Third Edition, continues its tradition of emphasis on fundamentals. Focusing on the needs of web site designers in corporations, government, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions, the book explains established design principles and how they apply in web design projects in which information design, interface design, and efficient search and navigation are of primary concern. New in ... Read More »