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Why Search Engine Marketing is Required: a Look Back in Time

  Twenty years ago, if you asked someone what was meant by the term ‘Search Engine Marketing’, the answer you’d get would maybe be a blank stare and perhaps a tentative answer involving using engines to market something? These days, however, the answer would be entirely different. The term search engine marketing was first projected by Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land (a blog covering information and news on search engines and marketing) in 2001 as a term to cover all the activities involved. It’s a method of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites to the ... Read More »

Web Design Takes On Back Button And How To Take Advantage Of It

As a web designer, you should know that the Back Button is one of the most vital buttons found on any web page. You should not rely on your web design company to inform you about this. If you have been browsing through web design companies and sites for a long time now, you will most likely realize this on your own. Unfortunately, most web designers seem to take the Back Button for granted when they implement their web design. It is not too uncommon to see a “back to home/start” or simply “back” links incorporated into pages being designed. ... Read More »

Web Design Stance on Back Button and How to Use it

Any experienced web designer should know without having to be told that the Back Button is an extremely part of any web page. Your Web Design company certainly expects you to understand this fundamental concept of web design. You should realize the truth of this claim after having surfed the internet and visited various web sites for some time. All too often, however, web designers take this important button for granted. “Back” or “Back to Home/Start” links that are sometimes built into web pages are frequently poorly designed, and do not lead users to the page that they were previously ... Read More »