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How Can I Set Up Relationship With Advertising Agencies?

Hi. I work as an account executive for a minority daily newspaper in the US. Unlike other A/E in mainstream media, I can very less money. I want to set up relationships with big advertising agencies to expand my network, and eventually draw ads into my newspaper. I tried so many advertising agencies, but all I had are voice mails and no responses except the front desk receptionist. My question is how can I reach those people in advertising agencies? Any advice is welcomed. Thank you very much. Read More »

How Is Webwindows Superior In Its Services From Other Advertising Agencies

Webwindows is a leading media agency based in the UK. Webwindows is unique in that it combines the power of both the offline and online mediums to deliver solutions to its clients comprising mostly of small and mid-sized businesses looking for affordable yet high quality solutions. The representatives of Webwindows ensure that you get a solution that is designed to give you a competitive advantage and promote your brand, goods and sales. Webwindows is superior in services as compared to other offline marketing agencies because it makes colour advertising in the weekend supplement sections of seven broadsheet newspapers accessible for ... Read More »