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Sydney New Years Eve Cruise Are A One Of A Kind Experience

I love the winter. When the month of December hits, I am thrilled. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and New Years is right after, which I enjoy a lot. That time of the year is filled with friends and family, good home cooking, warm thoughts and making new memories. During these holidays, I normally host a New Years Eve party for my family and closest friends to attend. I greatly enjoy entertaining; which I think I happen to be quite good at if I do say so myself. Although this year, a lot of my friends will be out of the country so I decided to get my family together and go on a cruise.

I have been on several harbour cruises before and just think they are wonderful. Some of my extended family has never been on a cruise before and I think it is about time they experience how much fun they are. I had seen on the harbour website last month that they offer a Sydney New Years Eve cruise. I was thrilled to see that and kept that in mind; I knew one of these New Years I would have to get the family to do this. Well, I am glad I remembered that since it looks like this year is going to be the year.

I went ahead and called up to the main office and talked to the person in charge on making reservations. I told him I was looking into taking a New Years cruise. The guy knew exactly what I was talking about. He also told me it was a good thing I was calling now because ever since they posted the ad on the website, several people had called to place private charter reservations and they only had a few boats left. I felt so lucky I was able to book a reservation in time. When I told the rest of the family, they were all excited; especially the ones that have never been on a cruise before.

We are still counting down the days till December gets here. I already know we are all going to have a blast and make some really good, special memories. I just need these few months to fly by. I hope they will and I know everyone else is hoping for the same.

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