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SWTOR Guide For Pit Quest

SWTOR will have to finish the Sith inquisitor main quest. The final quest of this part is the Pit quest. The Sith inquisitor will have to fight against the mutated colicoid broodmaster, which is strong and hard to defeat. Before that, the Sith inquisitor have obtained the colicoid serum by killing Major Bessiker and his Sith son Hiran, so he can descend into the pit’s toxic environment. They will be helpful to kill the mutated colicoid broodmaster.

The mutated colicoid broodmaster is the elite boss that the Sith inquisitor at the end of the quest. The Sith Inquisitor will have to descend into the pit and get to the bottom to find the boss. Players can find the pit somewhere to the north of the Balmorra Arms Factory exit. Players can turn to the map for help.

In the first place, if the Sith Inquisitor wants to defeat the mutated colicoid Broodmaster, he should be familiar with the tactics of the mutated colicoid Broodmaster. The boss will deal damage to the Sith Inquisitor first. After its health decreases, it will summon many small colicoid minions. In order to kill it, the Sith Inquisitor will need to have a high DPS before he starts the fight.

In order to defeat the boss, the Sith inquisitor should know how to use its companion to tank the Sith assassin. Then, he should stay behind and maul the mutated colicoid broodmaster repeatedly. When the little colicoid drones appear, he can wear dark energy set, and use overload and discharge to eliminate them in area effect attacks.

If players have problems in killing Major Bessiker, they should firstly check whether they have leveled up to 18. After level 18, the Sith inquisitor will get the ability called Jolt, which can be used to interrupt the NPCs special attack. Players can Find Out More in our site.

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