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Study Juice

Study Juice is aimed at young adults who are in college and university and wish to perform better while learning or doing essays, papers and other school-related tasks which require high concentration levels.

During stressful times, our bodies need as much energy as you can give them, granted you’ll be able to expend it in due time. High levels of caffeine, for example, are to be avoided because there are noticeable side-effects which may interfere with your day-to-day life outside the stressful periods of the year.

This supplement, however, does not boast high levels of caffeine. Instead, it uses a lot of natural ingredients to cover your organism’s basic needs in terms of nutrition, antioxidants and other things which allow you to concentrate accordingly. There are several minerals and vitamins you will need to function correctly during stressful periods of your life and Study Juice has them incorporated into its formula as well.


It comes in little stick packs which you can take with you anywhere, as they take up little space and weight almost nothing. When you feel like you need the extra boost to take you through the night or keep you awake at boring courses, then simply open up the pack, mix in water and drink it up. It’s advisable to drink the whole thing within 3 minutes, so that you’ll get all substances within a reasonable amount of time and that they’ll all act together and give you the desired benefit in the desired amount of time.

The website is pretty well built – it features everything you need to know about the product itself, as well as testimonials and information about what’s in the juice. On the first page, you’ll get three different and funny commercials which promote Study Juice in an original manner. It’s clearly a product designed with the young adult audience in mind.


On the website’s testimonial page, you’ll be able to go through quite a few people talking about the benefits and their personal experience with the product. They all are young students who talk about how the product helped them in certain circumstances, making their testimonials pretty believable.

The sticks need to be poured into 8-12 ounces of water or juice. This has been though of by the developers as well, in order to maintain the body hydrated when taking the supplement. On the website, you’ll also find a funny video portraying the correct use of Study Juice.


While there are no stated consequences of an overdose of Study Juice, it’s best to keep their advice in mind: do not take more than 1 stick within a 24 hour period and do not exceed 20 sticks within a month. You need to let your body restore itself after putting it through a stressful period of time (even a few hours are enough to tire your organism).

There are a few other medication and supplement options which students can take during stressful times, when they need to concentrate and focus on their work. But most of these medication options are either too expensive for students to afford, or they provoke several unwanted side effects. This supplement however, taken with the recommended dosage in mind, will not affect a normal, healthy adult between 18 and 60. If you have trouble with your heart, have a thyroid disorder, low blood pressure or taking any kind of medication, it’s best to avoid taking this supplement, as it can interfere with your current condition. If you feel you simply must take it, check with your doctor whether it would be alright – but it’s advisable to shelf it until you solve your health problem.


All in all, Study Juice is proving to be the real deal and its effects are clearly making themselves noticeable. Students are very happy with the results and there have been no complaints. And there’s little reason to complain, actually – you get the whole package of information relevant to the supplement, and the thing itself comes at a very affordable price. What’s more is that you can order it worldwide, with increasing additional costs for shipping, based on your location.


There’s a simple form to purchase the product online and you will have it in the shortest time possible. The package contains sticks which will last you for a whole month, and it’s best to take a bit of a break before you start taking them all over again. Also, if you’re taking Study Juice for the first time, test your body’s response to it and take only half a stick. If everything seems to be in order (which it most likely will be), then you can move on and take a whole pack the next time you need to. The ingredients make it fast acting, so be sure to take it only when you know you’ll need its effects.

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